Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Old Sewing Machine

Last night we finally got my sewing machine set up in C's room.  I got a whole bunch of spools of thread from my mom.  C was so excited to start sewing.  She's 7.  I told her I would be up there in a few minutes to get her sewing.  Before I knew it, she said she got it going.  Sure enough, she had threaded the thing and was sewing 2 pieces of fabric together!!  My mom has a small sewing machine for the kids to use that she's been teaching them on.  C was so proud of herself!  She made 2 beanbags filled with marbles.  She even wanted to sleep with them!  Then L got in on the action.  Keep in mind that he's a 10 year old hockey player.....he sewed 2 sets of 2 squares together and said he's going to make a mini quilt.  He wanted me to get the iron going, so that he could press the seams flat like I do!!  So funny.

I cut out squares the other night for a quilt I want to make for a friend.....tonight hopefully I can start sewing on them.

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  1. How fun to have eager kids. My kids like to sew as well. When I got my new machine last year I had to wait in line to be able to use it! :-)


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