Monday, October 15, 2012

5 Days

5 days until The Fall 50 relay in Door County.  I can't wait!  I'm doing legs 5 & 8.  Leg 5 is about 4 miles, with a big hill at about mile 1.5.  Leg 8 is about 6 miles.  I just feel bad that I'm the slowest one on the team.  Not sure why I beat myself up about that.  I did my last "long" run on Friday - 6 miles.  It was such a nice night....

I stopped to take a picture of a bunny, too, but that one didn't turn out as well!!

My hubby's out of town, so I'm stressing about how/when I'm going to get a run in this week.  Maybe I won't.  Tonight is all errands....haircuts, pants shopping, hockey shopping, grocery shopping.  Sounds like an expensive night, too!!  Then tomorrow night and Thursday night are hockey and Wednesday night is dance.  Then we leave after work on Friday for the relay.

Every Monday I say that I'm going to start eating better again.  I haven't gained any weight from the 30 I lost, but I'm really not eating the greatest.  I'm all about convenience right now, which translates to poor choices.  COME ON, GET IT TOGETHER JULIE. 

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