Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Friday night I mapped 8 miles out from my house.  It was very windy, so I asked/told my husband that I was running 8 miles, WITH the wind, so he needed to come pick me up at the end.  L was going to a birthday party, so I told hubby to leave after dropping L off, follow my route and he should pass me.  Well, apparently he thought that I was going to text him when I finished.  I get to my destination, which was the Grignon Mansion, around 6:30.....just when it's starting to get dark.  I also had missed a turn, so I ended up going an extra 0.4 miles.  My hubby had never passed me and wasn't hanging out waiting for me.  Take my phone off my arm to see that he texted me 30 minutes before asking if I was almost ready.  Since my phone was on my arm, I wasn't really checking texts.   About 25 minutes later, he got there.  I was FREEZING, and kind of creeped out.  I was kind of nervous running down the hill to the mansion.  It's pretty deserted around there.  There's a quarry right there, too.  Not many houses.  There were some cars parked on the road, I figured they were fishing somewhere around there.

Shortly after arriving home, the kids and I went to my parent's house, where I told them about my run and waiting there, etc.  They inform me that a woman runner had been murdered there several years ago.  Nice....  Obviously I wouldn't have ended up there if I had known that!!

Although it was kind of a bad ending to my run, the actual run went really well.  I averaged 12:30 miles and did 1/1 run/walk intervals the whole time.  My hip was a little sore at the end, and I think I tweaked my hamstring a little.  But, my hamstring isn't hurting now, so nothing to worry about.  10 days until the Fall 50.  I just need my hip to hang in there until then.  I have a 6 mile run for Friday or Sunday.  Saturday is hockey day in Madison!!

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